Where to eat in Tel Aviv

The city founded by the son of Noah Yafet is shrouded in legends: once here the prophet Jonah began his journey, and the apostle Peter resurrected righteous Tabitha. The ridge of stones at the Andromeda rock and today is washed by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea in the local bay. The square with the Clock Tower is surrounded by the government buildings of the Shed, quite near, on Mifratz Shlomo 10, is the city Museum of Antiquities. Stroll through the port and the excavation sites, visit Christian shrines and admire the city’s main mosque, Mahmudia. At the intersection of Mazal Dagim and Mazal Arieh, dive through an archway to see a soaring orange tree. These and other activities can completely fall in love with Tel Aviv. But to restore energy after a long day, you need to know where to eat in Tel Aviv.

best restaurants in israel

This city is famous for a huge number of cultural attractions, museums and even business centers. It is worth mentioning that in Tel Aviv is located the largest number of headquarters of technology companies in Europe. Having been on a trip here, you always want to stay in this wonderful city. But this will not work if you don’t know where to eat in Tel Aviv. Let's look at an example of a good restaurant for your tasty lunch. 

Benedict restaurant is located in the central part of the city. You can get here by any kind of public transport or taxi. If you are looking for where to eat in Tel Aviv, this will be an excellent option for a comfortable meal with your family or friends. Try dishes from all cuisines of the world in one restaurant! We wish you a good trip. There are people in Israel that will say that Benedict is The best restaurant in Israel.