Where to eat in Israel

Israel is so popular for tourists coming. There are a lot of reasons to come here. Some hunt for architectural monuments and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of ancient history, some during the holidays in Israel enjoy the healing properties of the Dead Sea. There are those who are attracted to Israel quality medicine, and not the traditional beach holiday. The whole world knows that it is here that the best doctor's work and modern clinics operate. Also in the country there are many good restaurants, so tourists never think about where to eat in Israel. 
best food in israel
Many cultures have intertwined in the country, and this has led to the fact that many locals understand English and will easily help the traveler if the need arises. To truly experience the culture of Israel, we recommend that you visit one of the popular restaurants. Benedict restaurant will be the best solution if you still think where to eat in Israel. This unique place can surprise even an experienced gastronomic critic. yo can taste what is Israeli food in our restaurant.
You can always find something tasty here. Morning pastries, delicious lunch and a pleasant quiet dinner have long earned the love of tens of thousands of tourists from around the world. The best chefs of Israel and other countries were gathered to prepare dishes at this restaurant, and the cuisine technologies and high quality of all products have earned the recognition of critics and gastronomy lovers from around the world. You no longer need to find where to eat in Israel. Benedict restaurant is always happy to greet guests of Israel. We wish you a good trip!