What to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the first Jewish city in the modern state of Israel and was founded in 1909 as a suburban district of Jaffa. After 5 years, there were already 2,000 people living here, in the 1930s, it turns into the capital of the Jewish ishuvah, Eretz Israel, and nowadays more than 1 million people live in this megalopolis. Here are the central offices of the largest banks and companies in the country, as well as representative offices of foreign countries and firms. But what to do in Tel Aviv to the modern tourist?

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Because of its relative youth, the city is not rich in historical sights. You can get acquainted with the guide and visit the sights of the old cities, and also do not forget to swim in the Dead Sea. A trip to religious shrines will leave vivid memories, and a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher will be remembered for all your life. If you have already visited the main attractions and do not know what to do in Tel Aviv, we advise you to visit one of the city restaurants. If you don't know What to do in Tel Aviv on Friday or in the other days, we can help you. 


Benedict Restaurant is a great place to visit with your family or friends. A large selection of dishes and drinks will provide a choice for every tourist. The main advantage of Benedict restaurant is a large assortment of breakfasts from all over the world. If you come from Europe and have already missed your national cuisine, here you will be prepared tasty Bavarian sausages or French croissants. Still thinking what to do in Tel Aviv? The Benedict team is always happy to welcome new guests!