What to do in Israel on shabbat

Israel is an extraordinary country for any kind of travel. The townspeople in the major cities of Israel have many unique traditions that Jews have borrowed throughout the world. Despite the fact that some cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are large business centers and have modern infrastructure, there exists a main religious tradition – Shabbat. What is it and what to do in Israel on shabbat? 

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Coming to Israel, you definitely need to get to the ancient religious temples, as well as visit many museums and exhibitions. Here are the temples of Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism, but the most common religion is precisely Christianity. Starting on Friday evening and ending on Saturday evening, the citizens of Israel stop working and spend 24 hours in prayer and rest with their family. If you are looking for what to do in Israel on shabbat, you can devote this day to hiking and swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea. And to end your evening successfully, we recommend that you visit one of the local restaurants. There are a lot of Things to do in Tel Aviv on shabbat.

A good idea to get a delicious early breakfast, a hearty lunch and a cozy dinner with family and friends is to visit the Benedict restaurant. This unusual place is very popular among regular tourists and residents of Tel Aviv, so you no longer need to think about what to do in Israel on shabbat. Try the popular dishes of European countries. Culinary masterpieces from the best chefs of Israel are already waiting for you at the Benedict restaurant in the central part of the city!