Unique things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a movement, the sea, it is the business capital, it is a white city. But among other things, Tel Aviv is a unique botanical garden. The natural shell of Tel Aviv is unique because a huge number of unusual plants are located here. Also a suburb of Israel is one of the largest suppliers of orange and citrus fruits. Looking for unique things to do in Tel Aviv? We are sure that this city will leave unforgettable impressions about the trip for you.
famous desserts in Israel
The best place for unique things to do in Tel Aviv is Jaffa. First of all, this is the oldest district in the city – the hot stones of houses and pavements literally remember “the affairs of bygone days” (besides the mythical Perseus and Andromeda, there were very real crusaders here, Napoleon and even the apostle Peter). Secondly, it is from the Jaffa hills that the most picturesque view of modern Tel Aviv opens. And, thirdly, the mass of colorful places and unique things are concentrated here. To rejuvenate and try delicious delicacies from different cuisines of the world, visit one of the city’s restaurants in Tel Aviv. on of the Tourist attractions in Tel Aviv is the Benedict restaurant.
Benedict restaurant is considered one of the best places to visit with family and friends in Tel Aviv. Many locals have visited this place for many years and have read it as the best among unique things to do in Tel Aviv. Thanks to the innovative technologies of cooking European dishes, chefs from this restaurant have become popular throughout Israel. Feel the incredible taste of morning pastries, delicious lunch and exciting dinner at the Benedict restaurant near the Mediterranean coast. We wish you an unforgettable trip!