Top restaurants in Israel

Tel Aviv is the economic capital of Israel, the country's second largest city; located on the east coast of the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and soon became the reception center for Jews arriving in Palestine. At first they were mainly from Russia and Poland. When the Nazis came to power in Germany, Palestinians came to Palestine, many of them settled in Tel Aviv. This was reflected on the face of the city – the architects of the German school worked here. Today in this fabulous city many sights and top restaurants in Israel are collected.

famous restaurants in israel


Since Jerusalem is not recognized as the capital of Israel, the embassies of almost all states that have diplomatic relations with Israel, as well as the offices of many ministries and other government agencies are located in Tel Aviv. There are no ancient sights in Tel Aviv – this is a very young city. But there are oyster bars, eclectic architecture, sun-drenched golden beaches, ultra-modern nightclubs, elite boutiques, and samba on the beach on summer evenings. If you want to make your evening special, we suggest you visit one of the top restaurants in Israel. One of the Top 10 restaurants in Israel is Benedict.

Benedict restaurant is considered one of the best places to visit with family and friends in Tel Aviv. Many locals have visited this place for many years and have read it as the best among top restaurants in Israel. Thanks to the innovative technologies of cooking European dishes, chefs from this restaurant have become popular throughout Israel. Feel the incredible taste of morning pastries, delicious lunch and exciting dinner at the Benedict restaurant near the Mediterranean coast. We wish you an unforgettable trip!