Top 10 restaurants in Israel

Beaches, water, discos and even the top 10 restaurants in Israel are located in Tel Aviv. Perfectly clean here is everything! And if you want to get acquainted with all sorts of sculptural compositions, welcome to the coastal towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon. Incredible flowers and palm trees grow here, good beautiful benches are everywhere, there are places for picnics, as well as many sports equipment.
best food in israel
 If you think that traveling around Israel is only a holiday in the desert, sleeping and having lunch at a hotel, then you are mistaken. Israel includes both places with historical values, and a good rest for lovers of modern entertainment. Even flowers, bushes and trees are equipped with innovative devices for watering! In this wonderful country you can enjoy swimming in the sea, visiting religious sights and delicious dinners in the top 10 restaurants in Israel.
A good choice for a family holiday is the Benedict Restaurant, in which you can enjoy a large variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and unique desserts from around the world. A nice addition to your meal will be tasting delicious wines and pleasant music from Tel Aviv cathedrals. All of these qualities helped Tel Aviv to become one of the top 10 restaurants in Israel. We are waiting for you to visit and promise to feed these culinary masterpieces from the best chefs of Israel. If you search for good food in Israel, you must visit our restaurant.