Things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday

In Tel Aviv you can have fun swimming in the sea, playing volleyball on the beach, drinking in the bars in the morning, cycling along the embankments, wandering through the narrow streets of the old city of Jaffa, eating huge portions, enjoying the eternal sun and photographing interesting buildings in the central part . This city is more popular than most places in the Middle East and many popular tourist destinations in Europe. At the end of each week there is a Sabbath, and almost all tourist places are closed. So what are the things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday?

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Once in Tel Aviv, you will inevitably walk from the southern port of Jaffa to the north of Tel Aviv. The road will take about one and a half hours, for which you can get a rough idea of ​​the city. Free tours of Jaffa with English-speaking guides are held every day. In the summer in the northern port, you can join the meeting of the Sabbath with songs and dances, if you suddenly want to get closer to the national traditions. If you are still thinking about things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday, we recommend that you visit one of the city’s restaurants that are open daily.

Benedict restaurant is very popular among tourists and residents of Tel Aviv. It is not kosher and works every day. It is also worth considering that in this unique place they cook the most delicious dishes from all European countries. Here you can try French sandwiches, German sausages, Italian desserts and much more. If you are still thinking about things to do in Tel Aviv on saturday, then the restaurant’s Benedict team is waiting for you to make your Saturday day really tasty! Bnedect is on of the Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat .