Things to do in Tel Aviv at night

What countries do we usually go to, in order not only to have a good rest, but also to have a tasty meal? Anywhere, but for some reason not to Israel. Although the Holy Land is famous for its spiritual food, the rare traveler leaves physically hungry for it. And if you wish, you can make a whole trip to Israel out of gastronomic pleasures alone. Do not know interesting things to do in Tel Aviv at night? We will help you with the choice. 
famous restaurants in israel
This is the most active city in Israel, life in which rages 24 hours a day, so you can always find the some things to do in Tel Aviv at night. Where does this amount of energy come from, if not from delicious healthy food? For its ingredients, go to the markets of Tel Aviv, each of which has its own special charm and character. This is part of the cultural and leisure space on the seashore, loved by the townspeople. When the last ships left here, and the hangars of the old port were empty, they were decided to revive them in an unusual way.  Tel Aviv nightlife is full in things to do.
Now there are bars and restaurants, original shops and cool athletic fields, as well as exhibitions and concerts. Benedict restaurant is one of the most popular places for a tasty meal, if you are looking for interesting things to do in Tel Aviv at night. Try culinary delicacies from around the world now. We wish you a pleasant trip!