Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat

Israel is famous for its cuisine, which has absorbed a lot of what is eastern, Mediterranean and European. Just remember words like hummus, falafel, tahina and shakshuk, and when you try all of the above, you can go on to gastronomic experiments. In Israel, be sure to come to visit if you like gastronomic tourism. Here are the culinary traditions of many nations of the world. On the counters of restaurants you can find French sweets, German sausages, Russian dumplings and American muffins. Let's find out about one of the best Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. 
must eat in Israel
Seafood in Israel is huge and incredibly tasty. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables, and such an exotic, as, for example, mango, there is not at all exotic, but quite a regular fruit for the price somewhere like apples. Almost everywhere you can find carts in which fresh juices are sold at a ridiculous price. Pomegranates are also cheap and juice is made from them at every step – it is very refreshing in the heat. And as we have said, be careful in restaurants and cafes: as experience shows, it’s almost unreal to master a portion of any food yourself. But Benedict restaurant has long become a famous place among tourists and citizens and is in the list of the best Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. You can find the Best Shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv in our restaurant.
You can always find something tasty here. Morning pastries, delicious lunch and a pleasant quiet dinner have long earned the love of tens of thousands of tourists from around the world. The best chefs of Israel and other countries were gathered to prepare dishes at this restaurant, and the cuisine technologies and high quality of all products have earned the recognition of critics and gastronomy lovers from around the world. You no longer need to look for good Tel Aviv restaurants open on shabbat. Benedict restaurant is always happy to greet guests of Israel. We wish you a good trip!