Tel Aviv lunch

Tel Aviv, probably the most lively and fast city in the Mediterranean, has become a “city that never sleeps” under the eighth mayor of the city, the legendary Shlomo “Chiche” Lahata. On the beach in Tel Aviv – dozens of restaurants, cafes, discos, pubs, jazz clubs, which, along with other sights of the city, attract crowds of tourists from the country and from abroad. To restore energy and taste delicious meals during your walk, we recommend you eat Tel Aviv lunch in one of the city’s restaurants. I you search for Top restaurants in Tel Aviv for breakfast, you search for Benedict.

In a ranking recently published on National Geographic, Tel Aviv ranks among the ten most beautiful coastal cities in the world, along with San Diego, Tallinn, Marseille, St. John, Perth, Brisbane, Durban, Vladivostok and Portland. National Geographic noted that these cities are united by the way “the shining expanses of the sea set an unusual beauty background for the turbulent life of the modern city.” The best restaurants with delicious Tel Aviv lunch also attract many customers and are popular places for citizens.

Benedict restaurant is special for residents of this city. Despite the great variety of breakfasts, you can always find hundreds of people here during the Tel Aviv lunch and dinner. Legendary dishes from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and other countries will make unforgettable impressions for every tourist. Also, the best chefs of Israel are preparing national dishes here. The Benedict restaurant staff is already waiting for you to visit and wish you a great holiday!