Popular Israeli food

Every year Israel attracts several million tourists to visit religious sights and beautiful landscapes of nature. Fans of diving and surfing, lovers of comfortable beach holidays and fiery nightclubs, as well as tourists who want to try popular Israeli food come here. There are hotels for every taste: quiet and peaceful for family holidays, romantic and secluded – for couples in love, lively and democratic – for young people.
must eat in Israel
At the same time, Israel, being the “cradle” of three great religions – Christianity, Islam and Judaism, is incredibly rich in terms of attractions and pilgrimage routes. Here are the city of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and Nazareth, where he spent his childhood and youth; Jaffa is the oldest city in the world where Noah built his ark; the holy Jewish cities of Safed, Hebron, Tiberias and Jerusalem. To recuperate after long walks and excursions, we recommend that you visit one of the restaurants with popular Israeli food. You must eat in Tel Aviv the israeli popular food.
The citizens of Israel work hard to get a comfortable rest. Benedict restaurant is considered one of the most popular restaurants where you can taste not only the legendary popular Israeli food, like hummus and falafel, but also delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners from the cuisines of many countries of the world. The best chefs of Tel Aviv are already waiting for you at the Benedict restaurant to give you the opportunity to try real culinary masterpieces. We wish you a pleasant and tasty holiday!