Must eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a unique city where every tourist will be able to find interesting entertainment for himself. There are many museums, clubs, religious attractions and restaurants must eat in Tel Aviv. This is the only true metropolis of Israel, only it can be called a city in the sense that this concept is invested in the West, such as New York, Paris or London. Tel Aviv has always been a trendsetter, and the youth of the population, sexual energy, club, cultural life, festivals, the sea and beaches give the city a unique atmosphere.

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Tel Aviv – a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. The city has a municipal bike rental system, the beaches provide an opportunity not only to swim in the Mediterranean, but also go sailing, windsurfing or diving. In the A-Yarkon Park, located in the north of the city, you can rent a pedalo or kayak, or take a morning jog along the picturesque boulevards of the city. You can also visit the various must eat in Tel Aviv restaurants for a successful holiday.


One of the local gastronomic attractions is the must eat in Tel Aviv Benedict Restaurant. Starting in the early morning and ending late at night, the best chefs in Israel gather here to prepare good food must eat in Tel Aviv for their guests. Here you can try culinary masterpieces from France, Germany, America and many other countries of the world during lunch. Also, do not forget to try the national Israeli cuisine. We wish you a successful trip! When you search for Good food in Tel Aviv, you must visit Benedict.