Late night food Tel Aviv

Despite the small territory, in Israel there are a huge number of attractions – historical artifacts, vibrant cities and the most holy places on earth. It is very difficult to make an accurate list of places to be visited, because it is often a matter of personal taste: if you make a religious pilgrimage, then you should focus on Jerusalem and the Galilee region; if you are interested in scuba diving, then you will find a piece of paradise in Eilat; and if you are attracted by the most modern nightlife, then you should stay longer in Tel Aviv. There is everything for your successful trip – museums, clubs and restaurants with late night food Tel Aviv.

This route includes the main attractions of the country, and you can adjust it according to your desires, stay a little longer in one place and skip another if it seems less attractive to you. We highly recommend you to visit Tel Aviv. It will be great if you can stay here for a few days. Tourists who come here for the first time spend a lot of time on walks and excursions. So, they often need to look for restaurants with late night food Tel Aviv. Let's look at this one.

Benedict restaurant is located in the central part of the city and is popular among the townspeople. The kitchen of the restaurant is universal and will appeal to lovers of pastries and desserts. Despite the huge variety of breakfasts, with the end of the day Benedict becomes a late night food Tel Aviv restaurant. Come here to get a taste of a good trip!