Good restaurants in Tel Aviv

Upon arrival in the city of Tel Aviv, you should take care of hotel accommodation. The class of the hotel in Israel is determined differently, there is no usual classification by stars. In other countries, class 1 is the highest class of comfort of accommodation, but in Israel it is the middle class, after class 1 there is a Premium class, then Deluxe and the highest class for presidents and VIP people is Super Deluxe. If you do not want to spend too much money during your trip, we recommend that you plan your excursions and their cost in advance. We also want to talk about inexpensive and good restaurants in Tel Aviv.
must eat in israel
Despite the small population (about 400,000 people), over 4 million tourists come to Tel Aviv annually to enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea, breathtaking landscapes and ancient cities that mingle with the largest innovative business centers. Citizens and tourists love to go to restaurants, so here you can find many cafes, clubs and bars on every street of the city. Benedict restaurant is one of the good restaurants in Tel Aviv, where tourists from Europe love to spend time. You can find good food in Tel Aviv in Benedict restaurant.
It is worth noting that this restaurant is considered unusual due to the huge range of dishes on the menu. Here you can taste the food of the national cuisine along with delicious desserts and pastries using technology from European countries. Being in search, good restaurants in Tel Aviv, be sure to try the most delicious pancakes in the city in this restaurant. Once here, you can truly enjoy the atmosphere of Tel Aviv, and your journey will have a unique taste. We wish you good luck!