Food in Israel facts

Israel is impressive not only with its cultural and historical wealth, but also with its modern reality. The holy places – Nazareth, the Western Wall, Golgotha, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Bethlehem – and the magnificent resorts of the Mediterranean, the Dead and Red Sea are connected by excellent transport links. All this is perfect for those who want to spend the most intense and enjoyable holiday in one of the most unusual places on our planet and learn about the history of the country and food in Israel facts.

The resorts of the Dead Sea are famous for their spa hotels, clinics and health centers "three in one": here you can take a course of massage, health or beauty treatments, while enjoying a great beach holiday and quality service. The water in the Dead Sea, which is actually a lake, is several times more salty than the ocean: on its surface you can hold on without any effort. Are you into food in Israel facts? In Tel Aviv there are many unique restaurants where you can get a tasty meal at an affordable price. The fact is that you can eat the best food in Israel in our restaurant.

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