Famous desserts in Israel

Planning a trip to Israel? You will definitely enjoy a wide variety of entertainment and delicious food here. If you prefer to try local dishes, of course, go to fast food points. There you will be offered delicious dishes at very attractive (for Israel) prices. The most common dish of street cafes in Israel is a variety of sandwiches, sandwiches, hamburgers and even famous desserts in Israel. For 2019, the average price of such a dish will cost from 12 shekels. Drinks in street cafes cost from 5 shekels.


Since ancient times, the Israelites cultivated the land and ate its gifts: vegetables, grains and fruits of trees; there were eggs, milk, some meat and, on holidays, fish. However, the Jewish cuisine and its main dishes have undergone many changes. After the forced resettlement, and then the return of the Jews to their homeland, their original dishes absorbed the culinary customs of other countries. If you have already tasted the best dishes of the national cuisine of Israel, you should try a variety of delicious famous desserts in Israel. Benedict restaurant is one of Best restaurants in Tel Aviv for desserts. 


A visit to the Benedict restaurant will be the best option for a hearty breakfast, a great lunch, a comfortable dinner and even a famous desserts in Israel. Here work the best chefs of Israel, who give unique emotions every day thanks to the quality of all the ingredients and the unique taste of the dishes. Come to Benedict restaurant to make your trip truly delicious!