Best shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The prices there are really high and the trip there cannot be called a budget one. Be prepared for spending more money there than you could spend in Europe, or at any other resort. The city has a lot of beautiful and interesting places that can be viewed absolutely free. For example, beaches and many architectural wonders in Tel Aviv are free. It is worth noting the legendary Israeli tradition called shabbat – this is the last day of the week (Saturday), when you need to take a rest with your family and friends. Let's find out where to spend the best shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv. 

One of the places of worship among the townspeople is the Benedict restaurant. It combines the traditions of European cuisine and is able to surprise you with a variety of dishes. A special advantage of this place is the best confectionery and bakery in the city. Every year, Benedict Bar serves more than 10,000 customers from around the world, and the technology of the best chefs in Israel is transferred to this restaurant only by inheritance. Benedict is a great place for a best shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv. If you search for the Best places to spend shabbat in Israel, come to Benedict.

With the arrival of the evening, the restaurant takes on a completely different flavor. The bright walls of American style reincarnate in the luxurious design of European restaurants, and the smell of sweet pastries changes to the aroma of exquisite steaks and seafood. Get real pleasure and unforgettable taste from your favorite dishes. You have never tasted such high-level dishes in Tel Aviv, so no doubt: Benedict is great for best shabbat dinner in Tel Aviv with your family or friends. We wish you a good trip and delicious holidays!