Best restaurants in Israel

Would you like to visit best restaurants in Israel? Traveling here covers the most interesting places of the Promised Land. Sacred Galilee, where the Jordan River flows and there is an amazing church multiplying loaves and fishes. Nazareth, in which, according to tradition, the childhood of Jesus Christ passed. Jerusalem, through which the Road of Sorrow runs, and where the iconic Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are located.


As well as the city of contrasts of Tel Aviv and its ancient part – Jaffa, where there are not only religious attractions, but also modern business centers and many best restaurants in Israel. Cultural centers, museums and even business centers. It is worth mentioning that in Tel Aviv is the largest number of technology companies in Europe. Having been on a trip here, you always want to stay in this wonderful city.


Benedict restaurant is located in the central part of the city. You can get here by any kind of public transport or taxi. If you are looking for best restaurants in Israel, this will be an excellent option for a comfortable meal with your family or friends. Try dishes from all cuisines of the world in one restaurant! We wish you a good trip. You can find in Benedict the best food in Israel.