Best food Israel

Located in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Israel has a very diverse traditional cuisine, the recipes of which were piecemeal and brought into the country by Jewish immigrants from all over the world and joined the already established local cuisine, absorbing the gastronomic traditions of the Middle East. A trip here is a great opportunity to try the best food in Israel. Israel is rich in flavors: first and foremost in restaurants you will try Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine.

 But since in their time repatriates from many countries returned to this country, the cuisines of other nations of the world are also represented and slightly modified. Israeli dishes abound with vegetables, legumes, herbs, olive oil and fruit. You can talk for a long time about the influence of Judaism on the process of cooking, but it's better to try once. And then you, just like us, ask yourself the question: “How could I live without the best Israel food before?”. One of the main gastronomic attractions of this country is the Benedict restaurant in Tel Aviv.

If you have already tasted the unique taste of the best food Israel, you should definitely visit this restaurant. Despite the convenient location, unusual design and sophistication of all dishes and drinks on the menu, reasonable prices apply. The best chefs of Tel Aviv are ready to prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner for you, as well as your friends and family. We are waiting for you to visit and make your trip truly unforgettable. Have a nice rest! Come to Benedict restaurant and test the best food in israel.