American food in Israel

Israel is an independent, modern, unitary state with a dynamic economy and a high standard of living. This country is located in the Middle East and borders on Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Washed by the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Israel is a small country. Its area is 22,000 square kilometers, and from south to north you can drive by car in just 7-8 hours. There are many nationalities here, so at every step you can see Spanish, Russian and even American food in Israel in restaurants.

Every day in the morning you can admire the beautiful fish of the Red Sea in Eilat, and in the late afternoon see the unique Bahai gardens in Haifa by the Mediterranean Sea. The country's population is 8.5 million people, 75% of them are Jews. The rest are Arabs and national minorities. If you love a variety of travels and have already tasted the national dishes of Israel, we advise you to get real gastronomic pleasure with the help of American food in Israel. Have you already found a suitable restaurant? It doesn't matter what you want to eat in Tel Aviv lunch, dinner or breakfast, come to visit us.

Benedict restaurant is special for residents of this city. Despite the great variety of breakfasts, you can always find hundreds of people here during the lunch and dinner with American food in Israel here. Legendary dishes from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and other countries will make unforgettable impressions for every tourist. Also, the best chefs of Israel are preparing national dishes here. The Benedict restaurant staff is already waiting for you to visit and wish you a great holiday!