What to eat in Tel Aviv

Despite the fact that Tel Aviv is called the “City without a break,” it has truly become such only in recent years. Life in it does not stop for a minute. Here are concentrated the best theaters, museums and art galleries of the country, the most popular restaurants and the most fashionable nightclubs. Whenever you find yourself in it – you will find something to your taste. This city is fueled by your energy, but it is even more generously shared with its own people. What to do and what to eat in Tel Aviv in 2019? 
famous restaurants in israel
Tel Aviv will not require you to adapt to it – it will accept you for who you are. Perhaps the reason for this is the youth of the city; Tel Aviv appeared in 1909 literally from scratch – on the dunes located north of ancient Jaffa. But maybe the fact is that from the very beginning it became a gate through which repatriates and travelers got into the future state of Israel. Today it is a real metropolis where you can always find interesting entertainment and what to eat in Tel Aviv.
When you visiting Tel Aviv, you must visit Benedict restaurant. This one place became popular among the townspeople a few years ago. Starting in the early morning and ending late at night, the best chefs of Israel gather here to prepare delicious dishes for their customers. Here you can try culinary masterpieces from France, Germany, America and many other countries of the world if you still find what to eat in Tel Aviv. Also, do not forget to try the national Israeli cuisine. We wish you a successful trip!