Visiting Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is among the ten best night and coastal cities in the world. This is because it is the only city in Israel that is just beginning to wake up at midnight, even on Sabbath, when everything else is closed. Walk through the streets of the night Tel Aviv – and you will see cafes filled to capacity, night clubs, working galleries and bookstores around the clock. Are you ready for visiting Tel Aviv and getting unique emotions from night walks and visiting religious sights?

In Tel Aviv are concentrated one of the most expensive penthouses in the world (Madonna has bought an apartment somewhere), offices of the largest companies and almost all embassies. And although it is not the capital of Israel, as many are mistaken, Tel Aviv is definitely the center of Israeli cultural life and entertainment. While visiting Tel Aviv, we recommend that you visit one of the urban restaurants with a large variety of dishes on the menu. When you visit Tel Aviv you want Unique things to do in Tel Aviv

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