Tel Aviv restaurant open Friday night

Tel Aviv is often called the opposite of Jerusalem, as it is free from religious prejudices. As a rule, people visit holy places, and in Tel Aviv for a party break and various night activities. There are always many in Tel Aviv restaurant open Friday night. "The city that never sleeps" it’s not only about New-York. For Tel Aviv it’s true also. For this you need to go on a trip along the night promenade. The Tel Aviv nightlife in Friday is very recommended. 
famous desserts in Israel
We recommend you visit good Tel Aviv restaurant open Friday nights. Benedict restaurant, which is located in the central part of the city, has a huge assortment of the most unusual breakfasts and dinners. For many years, this place is considered popular among the townspeople, and tens of thousands of tourists come here every year to try delicious pancakes, croissants, meat dishes and unique desserts. And of course to have some drinks – it’s Friday night finally. Want to feel like a resident of France or the owner of the estate in Bavaria? Here you will definitely help.
Unique cooking technologies and high quality products have attracted a huge number of visitors for many years. In this unique aroma sweet pastries and you will not forget your trip to Israel forever. You do not need to look for good Tel Aviv restaurant open Friday night. A large selection of alcoholic beverages and hot dishes in the Benedict restaurant has long become iconic for citizens.