Tel Aviv nightlife

Tel Aviv. Who has not heard about it? You have not visited this young, but at the same time, the ancient city? The stones of ancient Jaffa next to the luxury hotels on the coast of Tel Aviv tell us how rich the history of this place is. Tel Aviv is a sunny city, where there are many green parks, streets, with an endless stream of people. In this city, everything is mixed up: the Azrieli towers and two-story houses in Neve Tzedek, modern shopping centers in the splendor of shop windows and the bright, bustling Carmel market and endless Tel Aviv nightlife.
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In Tel Aviv, there was a real Babylonian mixture of peoples. Here you will hear Yiddish, French, Spanish, German … Talking speech in Moroccan, Yemeni, singing in the Bukhara dialect. And, of course, the Russian language sounds in every corner of the city. Tel Aviv is a metropolis of Israel, a modern city. In the East, he is blatant and European in business. About Tel Aviv they say – a city without a break. Tel Aviv nightlife is very developed here. There are many chic restaurants and street cafes, theaters and night discos, a philharmonic orchestra and street musicians, museums, many art galleries and trade shows on the streets.
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