Tel Aviv in may

Few countries in the world can change sensations with the same frequency as in Israel. Here in the morning you can go down from the snow-capped mountains, in the afternoon – soak up the sea beach, in the evening – dine in the desert, and meet the dawn of a new day in one of the oldest cities in the world – Jerusalem. Despite this, the most popular city for tourism in Israel is Tel Aviv. You are lucky if you can experience the real beauty of Tel Aviv in may.
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Many Israeli cities have too busy transportation infrastructure. But with Tel Aviv, the situation is different – this is the case when people complement the environment so much that each visit among similar houses you find something new for yourself. Also in recent years, the city has greatly advanced in matters of bicycle life since Tel Aviv in may, and the municipality has set the task of making Tel Aviv a world-scale city – many public spaces appear, a tram is being built, and they are opening.Benedict is one of the Popular restaurants Tel Aviv.
To become a part of this magical city, we recommend you visit one of the popular local restaurants. Benedict restaurant is one of them.. Unique cooking technologies and high quality products have attracted a huge number of visitors for many years. In this unique aroma sweet pastries and you will remember this trip to Israel forever. You do not need to look for good restaurants in Tel Aviv in may. A large selection of alcoholic beverages and hot dishes in the Benedict restaurant has long become iconic for citizens.