Tel Aviv dinner

A fairy tale city, a dream city, carefree cosmopolitan, city of life and the heart of the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv poetically translated from Hebrew as "spring hill", is an amazingly beautiful and dynamic metropolis, which nevertheless retained the charm and carefree atmosphere of Mediterranean cities. What could be better than spending the day with your family or friends, and then get a delicious Tel Aviv dinner near the beach?
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Tel Aviv is a rather young city, it was founded in 1909 as a suburb of Israel’s oldest port, Jaffa. The city is both modern and religious, and at the same time, it has more than 5,000-year history. To experience the taste of a successful journey, we recommend you visit the Benedict restaurant in the central part of the city. Here you can taste delicious breakfasts and a wide variety of main courses. Tel Aviv dinner should be great and tasty. The best chefs of Israel have already gathered here to delight you with culinary delights! You will find in our restaurant the Best food in Israel.
Although Jaffa was restored, it tried to preserve the originality of past eras. Here you can stroll through the cobbled streets, small squares, sit in street cafes, which are in great numbers in the city, enjoy the beautiful view from the embankment, breathe in history. If you want to eat delicious Tel Aviv dinner, you should definitely go to Benedict restaurant. Here breakfasts are created from around the world, and there is also a large selection of Israeli national dishes. We wish you a warm journey!