Shabbat dinner Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the economic, commercial, financial and socio-political center of the country. Here are concentrated the central offices and representative offices of the main industrial, commercial and banking institutions of Israel, the headquarters of Israeli political parties and youth movements, national organizations and associations. This city has many diverse traditions. One of this is Shabbat. What should a tourist do on a Friday evening in Tel Aviv? A great solution would be to try a delicious shabbat dinner Tel Aviv.
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Among the population of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, only fifteen thousand people are non-Jews (mostly Arabs in Jaffa, there are also Armenians), so its Jewish population is more numerous than in any other city in the country. There are many Christians among Arabs. Because of this, the last day of the working week in Israel is a holiday and most of the interesting places to visit do not work. If you want to get a real shabbat dinner Tel Aviv, we recommend you visit the Benedict restaurant. If you dont know the Best places to spend shabbat in Israel, come and visit in our restaurant.
Benedict restaurant will be an excellent option for your tasty breakfast, comfortable lunch and a cozy dinner. This place is on the list of best shabbat dinner Tel Aviv and is very popular among the townspeople. In this kitchen, the best chefs of Israel prepare dishes from many countries of the world. Come here to experience the real atmosphere of this exciting city. We wish you a pleasant journey!