Secret Tel Aviv restaurants

Fond of cooking and planning a trip to Israel? want to know waht you must eat in Tel Aviv?We invite you to forget about all the problems and go on an exciting journey into the world of wine and good cuisine. You will visit the secret Tel Aviv restaurants, learn the secrets and subtleties of wine production and, of course, taste it. And then meet the sunset, trying light delicacies and admiring the incredible natural views. We want to share with you what we love ourselves! 
must eat in israel
Tel Aviv, the cultural and economic capital of Israel, can be called a rising star on an international tourist map. Recently it became known that Tel Aviv reached the final competition for the title of the most innovative city in the world, held by the Wall Street Journal. According to National Geographic and the world's leading travel agencies, Tel Aviv is consistently ranked among the top ten beach cities on Earth. Here you can get real pleasure from walks and meals at the secret Tel Aviv restaurants. Let's find out about one popular restaurant here.
Benedict restaurant will be an excellent decision for your tasty breakfast, comfortable lunch and a cozy dinner. This place is on the list of secret Tel Aviv restaurants and is very popular among the townspeople. In this kitchen, the best chefs of Israel prepare dishes from many countries of the world. Come here to experience the real atmosphere of this exciting city. We wish you a pleasant journey!