Secret Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a small, but very bright and emotional city. Each district has its own life and radiates its energy. Walking around the city, you seem to visit several different worlds. Tel Aviv is 15 kilometers of beaches on the Mediterranean and hundreds of museums and galleries. These are the streets of the 4-thousand-year-old Jaffa and modern high-rise towers of glass and concrete. This is a city-monument of world architecture and warm, welcoming people. Here everyone feels at home, feel it for yourself. Eastern markets and European cuisine will not let you get hungry, and numerous secret Tel Aviv pubs and discos will not let you get bored! You can find in this article Secret Tel Aviv restaurants


The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa will open to you from the most beautiful and interesting side. You will choose one of two educational routes – go explore Old Jaffa or marvel at modern Tel Aviv. In the company of a professional guide, you will learn about the origins of the city and understand how the desert turned into a metropolis with gardens and skyscrapers. The multi-layered history, myths, religious subjects, today's realities and the secret Tel Aviv places – here you will cover all the main things in Tel Aviv.


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