Restaurants Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a magnificent city in which everything is mixed up. His landscapes are so diverse that sometimes it seems that all this simply cannot physically exist in one place. On the one hand, there is a modern metropolis with skyscrapers, and on the other, the oldest port in Israel, ancient streets, authentic souvenir shops, a bohemian center and huge beaches. He falls in love with himself at first sight and makes him always remember himself. If it happened that you have not visited Tel Aviv, we can sympathize with you first, and then strongly advise you to go there. There are also many restaurants in Tel Aviv. Let's find out about one of this.
famous restaurants in israel
Tel Aviv is a very versatile city. Here is the center of world Orthodoxy, but among tourists you can see representatives of very different cultures. Despite Israel’s long distance from many countries, it is often possible to meet tourists from the USA and even Australia. Each of them has already loved the Mediterranean, the locals and the popular Tel Aviv restaurants. Benedict is one of the sought-after places both among tourists and residents of the city. Here they cook the most delicious breakfasts in Tel Aviv. Choose a dish for your taste. Benedict is one of the Good restaurants in Tel Aviv.
A feature of the Benedict restaurant is a huge variety of classic breakfasts and dinners. Croissants, pancakes, donuts and many other iconic dishes from different countries are offered for your choice. Even if you come from Germany or Russia, the best chefs of the city will be able to prepare for you a delicious Bavarian breakfast or oatmeal. Benedict is considered one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv and has been pleasing its visitors for several years. Delicious cuisine and homely atmosphere will create comfort for your unforgettable trip to Israel. Enjoy your stay!