Restaurant Herzliya

Herzliya is located on the Mediterranean coast, occupying a vantage point near Tel Aviv. It is considered one of the most prosperous cities in the country, being at the same time one of the most expensive. The lands on which the city is now located are known for their well-being since ancient times: as early as the 3rd century, here was located the rich, port Greek city of Appolonius, in which trade flourished, and the lands of the Sharon valley were renowned for their fertility. The city lies among orange and lemon plantations, well-groomed neat, decorated with numerous greenery. There are many good places to visit. Let's find out about the good Herzliya restaurant.
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This city is a neighbor near another major Israeli resort. Herzliya has a small territory, which has enough attractions. For example, here you can find clean beaches and gardens of orange trees. This city has a classic view of an Israeli village. Every year many tourists come here who spend energy for constant walks around the city. Do you know a good restaurant in Herzliya to get a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner after a long day?
A good example of Herzliya restaurant is Benedict. This restaurant is located near the city and has gained wide popularity due to the most delicious breakfast in the city. The best chefs of Israel gather every day at work to create culinary masterpieces for the citizens and guests of the city. Try the delicious dishes of the national cuisine of Israel and the famous breakfasts of different cultures of Europe. The Benedict’s experienced restaurant staff will always help you find the perfect meal for your family or friends. This place can make your trip really delicious. We wish you a pleasant vacation! Benedict is one of the herzliya beach restaurants.