Popular restaurant Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has many interesting places to visit. Carmel Market, the largest in Israel, stretching from Allenby Street to the east, towards the sea. Spices, condiments, marinades, fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, fish, pastries, household goods, clothes, and all this in large quantities is here and it is inexpensive. Slap on the market, peer into this slice of Israeli society, listen to the merchants who shout and chant the prices of their goods. Also in the area of ​​this market are located popular Tel Aviv restaurants.
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Here you will discover the essence of the eastern character of Tel Aviv. You may not understand the words, but you cannot hide from the emotions. Enjoy the smells, universal excitement. After a long walk through the hot streets and the Tel Aviv market, we recommend that you restore energy in one of the popular restaurant Tel Aviv. Benedict restaurant will be an excellent place to visit with family and friends. Here there is a suitable dish for everyone, even for vegetarians, children and lovers of tasty alcohol. You can find popular israeli food in our restaurant.
Benedict is in the popular Tel Tel Aviv restaurants list among citizens and tourists from many countries of the world. The restaurant provides a wide range of breakfasts and hot dishes from around the world (especially from European countries) and even works on Shabbat. From early morning, the best chefs of Israel gathered here to delight their visitors with the unique taste of omelets, sausages and fresh pastries. It is worth only once to smell the morning pastries from the Benedict restaurant and you will definitely want to come here. We are waiting for you to visit and wish you a bright trip!