Good food in Tel Aviv

There are places in the world that are associated with the attainment of freedom, with the embodiment of a dream. One of these places is Tel Aviv. In this city, most of the life of its inhabitants takes place on the street. Tel Aviv is more like America, for good reason it is called the Los Angeles of the Middle East. Actually, it turned into a city recently, in the middle of the XX century, eventually becoming a symbol of the revival of a young country. At the same time, Tel Aviv is not officially the capital, but actually performs its functions. This is an economic, financial and shopping center not only of local, but also of world importance. There are many attractions, museums, parks and good food in Tel Aviv. In terms of population, this is the second city of Israel after Jerusalem.
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In total, there are about 2 million people living in and around Tel Aviv. Arriving in Tel Aviv, at first it is not clear what country you came to. In the southern Tel Aviv, in the area of ​​the central bus station, the Babylonian crowd reigns. Emigrants from Africa and Southeast Asia make up a large proportion of the population of this part of the city. Passing along Jaffa Street and hitting the Old City, you find yourself in the Arab part. Turning from Jaffa to the embankment and overcoming the short route along the sea, as if by magic you find yourself in a completely European city, with restaurants and cafes on the shore, a cheerful and friendly audience. Visit one of them to get a real taste of good food in Tel Aviv. You can find Best restaurants in Israel in Tel Aviv and Herzliya.
One of the local gastronomic attractions is the Benedict Restaurant. Starting in the early morning and ending late at night, the best chefs in Israel gather here to prepare good food in Tel Aviv for their customers. Here you can try culinary masterpieces from France, Germany, America and many other countries of the world during lunch. Also, do not forget to try the national Israeli cuisine. We wish you a successful trip!