Famous restaurants in Israel

Over the past few years, Israel has entered the international tourism arena as a state worth visiting for lovers of gastronomic pleasures. Today in the restaurants of Israel you can taste not only the kosher cuisine, but also try all kinds of dishes that are sure to please the most demanding gourmets. Go for a walk in the evening city, swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea. And in order to make your evening pleasant and memorable, we recommend you to visit one of the famous restaurants in Israel.

First of all, in Israel, all restaurants are divided into kosher, that is, those in which the system of storage, preparation and use of food meets the standards of Judaism, and non-kosher – usually restaurants that are kept either by people from the former USSR, Southeast Asia, Arabs or representatives Christian groups (such as cafes and restaurants at monasteries), or Israelis who do not follow the rules. We want to offer you a visit to one of the most famous restaurants in Israel. This is Benedict restaurant in Tel Aviv. In Benedict restaurant you can find Famous desserts in Israel.

Despite the small population of this exciting city, this restaurant is very popular among citizens and frequent tourists who flew to rest in Israel. A large selection of dishes and the best ingredients have made this place one of the most famous restaurants in Israel. Choose the best breakfast, lunch or dinner set in the Benedict restaurant in the central part of the city. Experienced staff and the best chefs of Israel are already waiting for your visit. We wish you spend your trip unforgettable!