Eater Tel Aviv

In Jerusalem, most often fly with two goals: religious and medical. Jerusalem, where the biblical scenes unfolded, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – a place of Orthodox pilgrimage. The Dead Sea is a world famous resort where joints and skin diseases are successfully treated. Plus Israeli clinics, famous around the world. Meanwhile, Israel is a small country, and it is interesting to travel around it. There are many museums, exhibitions, attractions and eater Tel Aviv.


 If you do not spend a lot of time in any one place, then a short holiday will be enough to go on three seas at once – the Mediterranean, the Dead and the Red, seeing the sights and natural parks along the way. A typical bus journey lasts a week, and there you can travel from north to south from Tel Aviv to Eilat, through deserts, oases and natural parks, encountering many unusual eaters Tel Aviv. 


If you manage to stay in Tel Aviv for at least 1 day, we highly recommend you to visit the Benedict restaurant. In this wonderful place you will be able to taste the savvy dishes of many countries of the world, and the best chefs of Israel will also offer you dishes of national cuisine of this country. If you search for good, tasty and cheap eats Tel Aviv. come to this pkace. In Benedict eater Tel Aviv you can get an early breakfast, a delicious lunch and a comfortable dinner with friends and family, we are waiting for you and promise to make your trip truly delicious!