Cheap eats Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the few megacities in the world that you can walk. Walking is the best way to get acquainted with its sights, history and architecture. You can walk along the Ahuzat-Bait district, from which the history of the city began in 1909, turn off to the pedestrian Nachalat-Binyamin street, where artists and artisans sell their work, look at the Carmel market and listen to street vendors. Do not forget to try the legendary cheap eats Tel Aviv and swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea.


It will be an interesting walk along the seashore. His starting point may be old Jaffa, probably the most popular tourist destination in Tel Aviv. One of the oldest ports in the world has become an organic part of the young city. It is worth walking along the winding streets of the Old Town, looking at souvenir shops and art galleries, sitting in a cheap eats Tel Aviv overlooking the rock, to which, according to legend, Andromeda was chained, make a wish on the “wish bridge” – it will surely be fulfilled. If you search for the Best places to eat in Israel, you nust visit us.


A feature of the Benedict restaurant is a huge variety of classic breakfasts and dinners. Croissants, pancakes, donuts and many other iconic dishes from different countries are offered for your choice. Even if you come from Germany or Russia, the best chefs of the city will be able to prepare for you a delicious Bavarian breakfast or oatmeal. Benedict is considered one of the best cheap eats Tel Aviv restaurants and has been pleasing its visitors for several years. Delicious cuisine and homely atmosphere will create comfort for your unforgettable trip to Israel. Enjoy your stay!