Best restaurants in Jaffa

On the Mediterranean Sea in the amazing country of Israel, there is an old city that is the main port of the ancient state, Jaffa. Currently, it is a settlement where the Arab-speaking population predominates. Want to spend a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Jaffa is an ideal place for such pastime, besides the settlement itself is a state landmark. Here you can admire the beautiful scenery near the sea, visit a cozy cafe, enjoy fish dishes in one of the best restaurants in Jaffa. one of the best restaurants in Israel is Benedict.


The city lives, but at the same time it is quite calm and cozy here. Arriving in Jaffa, you will see for yourself that the entire coast, starting from this city, to Tel Aviv is one long beach, which in turn is divided into sectors. Closest to Jaffa is considered a recreation area under the beautiful name Alma. This place is quite calm, there are no large crowds. However, it is not recommended to swim here, as the waves near Alma are rather high, which crash with a bang on the concrete wall of Jaffa. We also recommend you visit one of the best restaurants in Jaffa.


Despite the small population of this exciting city, Benedict restaurant is very popular among citizens and frequent tourists who flew to rest in Israel. A large selection of dishes and the best ingredients have made this place one of the best restaurants in Jaffa. Choose the best breakfast, lunch or dinner set in the Benedict restaurant in the central part of the city. Experienced staff and the best chefs of Israel are already waiting for your visit. We wish you spend your trip unforgettable!