Best places to spend shabbat in Israel

Israel is a country in the Middle East with religious shrines and original culture, where flowering cities coexist with waterless deserts, green valley's are hidden behind mountain ranges, and monuments of ancient civilizations inexplicably fit into the ultra-modern infrastructure. If you try to understand the soul of the ancient Jewish people, to understand its history, which has been going on for 35 centuries, then even a long vacation will not suffice. Visit the best places to spend shabbat in Israel now.


 Israel attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world, and the journey changes them, because the holy land leaves no one indifferent. For many centuries, this country attracted pilgrims from around the world with numerous religious shrines, an atmosphere of deep spirituality and mystery. And today nothing has changed: pilgrimage goals continue to be one of the main reasons why tourists go to the country. If you are looking for the best places to spend shabbat in Israel, we also advise you to visit unusual local restaurants. Benedict restaurant is one from the Best places to eat in Israel


Have you already tasted the national dishes of Israeli cuisine? Benedict restaurant, which is located in the central part of Tel Aviv, has a large assortment of delicious dishes from around the world. Convenient location, the highest quality of all ingredients and affordable prices made this place one of the best places to spend shabbat in Israel. If you want to get a large portion of European dishes and try the best sorts of coffee or wine, Benedict Bar invites you to visit!