Best food in Israel

Tel Aviv is a great place to travel. This is a fabulous city. This is an incredibly warm place: the sun warming the body and very pleasant people with hot hearts, ready to help and suggest something to travelers. The history of Tel Aviv is extremely romantic: having emerged as a suburb of neighboring Jaffa at the very beginning of the 20th century, Tel Aviv gradually gained population, accepting more and more new immigrants who were striving to start a new life in a new city under construction. In 2019, this city is the largest business center of the European continent and has many museums, temples, attractions and restaurants with the best food in Israel.

Having grown to the size of a large city, Tel Aviv swallowed Jaffa, making it already its municipal district and district. In fact, the city is a little more than a average town century. Every tourist in this story is fascinated by the fact that the optimism and faith of the people in a bright future literally made of sand and stones created a cozy urban oasis. Now each of us can go to a comfortable evening walk and enjoy the sound of the Mediterranean, and then try delicious dishes in restaurants with the best food in Israel.

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